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Rhealyz Naija banner

Rhealyz Naija banner

Venue: Anglican Women Shopping Complex


A group of young and dynamic Nigerians held a forum in Akure, the capital of Ondo state, on the 19th of September 2009. The forum was organized by the Rhealyz Naija Interest Group under the platform of the Youth Hotline Network. The focus of the forum was for youths to interact and find practical ways of changing the mindset of the Nigerian youth to believe that Nigeria can still be a better place if each youth contributes his or her own quota to the realization of the Nigerian dream through social responsibility, making a positive impact in our communities using our God given talents and potentials.
The forum commenced with an opening prayer and the rendition of the second stanza of the National Anthem.
A brief introduction of the forum was done. The vision, mission and the goals and objectives of the group, Rhealyz Naija, was highlighted. The introduction was rounded off by spelling out the group slogan – BE POSITIVE! SHOW SOME LOVE! START NOW!
The activities at the forum included interactions with the resource person Mr. Dayo Obaweya as well as interactions between the participants, a rendition of the National Anthem by a soloist, jokes and some light refreshment.
During the interactive section with Mr. Obaweya, he stated that his burden for youths came a result of his numerous travels. He said that his travels have given him the opportunity to interact with youths and also adults from different parts of the world, and as a result of his interactions he has discovered that Nigeria is lagging behind even amongst developing countries.
One of the people he interacted with recently is the author of The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren. He talked about the five most important questions that each person needs to ask himself and answer with all sincerity. The questions are:
1. Who are you?
2. Why are you here?
3. What potentials do you possess?
4. What will you be remembered for?
5. What will you bequeath to the generation coming after?
This questions, he said will help you discover your purpose, know what you are here for and how to impact your community.
He advised youths to shun laziness, be hardworking and stop asking what your government can provide for you but how you can help improve the nation. He said: “look around you and stop blaming the government. Think of ways in which you can convert the natural resources around you into semi goods…”. He also encouraged the youths to be positive about Nigeria and believe we can get the best out of it. “Nigeria is an entity; if you hurt it, it remains hurt and if you love it, it remains loved”
He finally referred to Nigeria as a potential world power and said it will only become a world power if we all play our parts. “Don’t underrate yourself” he said, “Believe in Nigeria”.
The participants later expressed their views about the country and ‘how the following has contributed to who I am as a Nigerian, good or bad? My family and religious background, cultural background, educational background, social interaction, peer group influence and personal grooming’.
This section gave the youths the opportunity to express their minds. Some of them acknowledged how their culture has helped them to be respectful and cautious. While some talked about the good moral values and the ability to speak both English and their indigenous languages fluently.
As the positive effects were shared, some of the youths did not fail to point out the negative effects that the above has had on them as Nigerian youths. A participant shared about how his harsh family background drove him into smoking and drinking. Another participant said that her family background made her believe that the Nigerian government does not take care of its workers well as they usually complain of nonpayment of salaries or delay in payment. Some said their background and upbringing has taught them only that nothing good can come out of Nigeria. Some others said their culture as taught them to be suspicious of other cultures stressing the superiority of their culture and belief over others. A participant specifically talked about how spraying money in parties has taught Nigerians no have no regard for the Naira and become wasteful.
The forum afforded the participants the opportunity to ask the resource person questions on what roles they can play and how they can make an impact in their country, Nigeria.
The question that was left on the minds of the participants at the close of the forum was, how can I better impact my country and what will I be remembered for when I depart this life.
The forum was brought to an end with the introduction of the members of the Rhealyz Naija Team by the Team Leader Mr. Ireti Adesida and the rendition of the National anthem.
Team Members are
• Adesida Ireti – Team Leader/Coordinator
• Ayo Ajisafe
• Abisoye Eniola
• Adekola Tola
• Agunbiade Damilola
• Ayeleso Fehintolu
• Ife Adewumi
• Ajibola Israel
• Jegede Bunmi
• Omidiji Nife
• Attoye Sam
• Jimi-Kayode Tosin
• Toye
• Faith

pictures will come in tommorow


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