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Venue: Ita Oniyan Community, Ondo State.


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True to the slogan of the group: Be Positive! Show Some Love!! Start now!!!.The Rhealyz Naija Team went out to put smiles on the faces of some Nigerian citizen at Ita Oniyan Community(very close to Akure, the capital of Ondo State) as the nation celebrated her 49th anniversary of Independence on 1st October, 2009. The aim of this community service was to demonstrate love to Nigerians who are less privileged and didn’t have the opportunity to benefit from proper medical care.
The villagers converged around 10 a.m. at the community dispensary, which is the only health care centre available to the village. They trouped in en masse, as they were very happy to get free drugs, and medical treatment they had not enjoyed for years. The service started with the registration of the patients, after which their heights and weights were measured to get their Body Mass Index(B.M.I). The values of their blood pressure(B.P) were also noted.
A medical team consisting of four medical doctors, including a consultant and nurses were present to attend to the patients. The patients were examined, those with one ailment or the other such as malaria, fever, common cold, hypertension. e.t.c were properly diagnosed and given drugs. However, patients with special cases such as Inguinal Hernia, Osteoarthritis, Filariasis, Refractive error, asthma, Eye trauma, Pregnancy induced hypertension, Bleeding placenta previa, Severe hypertension in lactating women, Post partum hemorrhage, severe and systemic hypertension, were referred to hospitals for proper medical attention.
The children too were not left out, as they were duly attended to by the medical team. All the children present were de-wormed. Some of the children who were diagnosed with malaria, polio, common cold, diaorrhea, fever. e.t.c, and were also treated by the doctors and given free drugs.
The villagers were indifferent to the celebration of Nigeria’s independence day, as most of them felt they hadn’t benefited from most of the nation’s achievements since it gained Independence 49 years ago. They were seen going about their daily activities as that was the only means by which they could get bread on their tables and send their children to school. They also expressed their joy and gratitude for the free medical services rendered by the group, and urged the group to help them channel most of their complains to the appropriate quarters for proper and quick intervention.
The NEEDS Assessment of the village was also conducted by the team. It revealed that most of the villagers were cocoa and oil palm farmers, and they complained of low income from their farm products because they lacked sufficient funds to get the relevant pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers needed to help improve the quality and quantity of their farm products. It was also gathered that the village had only one primary school and one secondary school, a dispensary with few nurses, and lacked basic infrastructures and social amenities such as maternity centers, hospitals, good nursery, primary, and secondary schools, good roads, police station, magistrate court and even good water supply, the water from the only bore-hole available could neither be used for cooking nor drinking, so they had to depend on the nearby streams for water.
As the villagers left with drugs and some items like shoes and clothes, which were donated by some members of the team, they had smiles on their faces, and their expressed that their hopes for a better Nigeria had been re-vitalized.
The day’s activities was brought to an end by the Team leader of Rhealyz Naija group, Mr. Ireti Adesida, who gave the vote of thanks and led the group in the rendition of the second stanza of the National anthem.


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