CYBER CRIME & YOU Part 1 ….. be vigilant you could be the next victim By Akubo Patricia NYSC MDGs Corps Member

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Cybercrime Pix

A new report by the Internet Crime Complaint Center has named Nigeria, Africa’s largest telecom market by investment and subscription, number three in the world, and the top African nation in the U.S. Agency’s cybercrime rankings. This means that Nigeria has the highest number of cybercrime incidents in Africa and is right behind the U.S. and the U.K which have larger populations. The publicity surrounding Nigerian cybercrime is raising fears that the country may face a slowdown in international investment in the telecom as well as the financial sectors.

As more Africans use the internet for their banking needs, the number of fraudsters eyeing people’s bank accounts and online financial transactions has also multiplied.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes estimates that Nigeria has lost millions of dollars through cybercrime, and Nigerians have been impoverished through the activities of these fraudsters.

Characteristics of Cyber Fraud

•altering computer input in an unauthorized way. This requires little technical expertise and is not an uncommon form of theft by employees altering the data before entry or entering false data, or by entering unauthorized instructions or using unauthorized processes;

•altering, destroying, suppressing, or stealing output, usually to conceal unauthorized transactions: this is difficult to detect;

•altering or deleting stored data;

•altering or misusing existing system tools or software packages, or altering or writing code for fraudulent purposes. This requires real programming skills and is not common.

Other forms of fraud may be facilitated using computer systems, including bank fraud, identity theft, extortion, and theft of classified information.

A variety of Internet scams target consumers direct.

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