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Rhealyz Naija..One Woman,One Man-One Vote, One Nation, One Conscience

Register from Now to February 4, 2010

Eligibility to Register to Vote

Section 2(1) of the Electoral Act 2002 says a person shall be qualified to register as a

voter if he/she:

  • Is a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Has attained the age of 18 years.
  • Is ordinarily resident, works in, originates from, or is an indigene of the Local

Government Area or Ward covered by the registration centre.

  • Presents himself/herself to the registration officers of the Commission for

registration as a voter within the period stipulated for the exercise.

  • Is not subject to any legal incapacity to vote under any laws, rules or

regulations in force in Nigeria.

Note: It is therefore an offence for any citizen to register in more than one registration centre,

or to register more than once in any particular center.


(i)  How:  The eligible person physically presents himself to the official in-charge of the registration centre where he intends to register. The registering officer may demand from the applicant certain information necessary to determine his identity and eligibility. This is usually done through questioning. The officer, if satisfied by the information so provided, then enters the applicant’s names and other particulars in the specified form, issues a voter’s card to the registrant and marks his right thumb nail with indelible ink to prevent him from carrying out double or multiple registrations.


(ii)   When:  The procedure for enrolment in the voters roll as described above usually takes place within a specified period of time in the day for a prescribed number of days.


(iii)  Where:  The law allows any eligible citizen to register as a voter in a registration centre nearest to where he is ordinarily resident, works, originates from, in his Local Government Area, o at ward where that centre is located.  However, for purposes of convenience, an eligible citizen is always advised  to register at the centre that will be most easily accessible to him on the election day.  One normally votes where one registered.

Display of voters register for claims and objections:

The Commission, by notice is required which a copy of the voters register for each Local Government Area or Ward displayed for public scrutiny.  During this period, objections could be raised about a entries made in the voters roll, considered to be inappropriate or illegal, by interested members of the public.  Similarly, individuals or groups are free to make claims for  inclusion of certain information or names said to have been omitted or wrongly enter in the register of voters.

Such claims and objections are usually made through a procedure provided for by the Commission, which appoints Revision Officers to look into the merits or demerits of each complaint, with a view to effecting necessary corrections in the voters register.


Rhealyz Naija … One Woman, One man, One Vote, One Nation, One Conscience


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