2011 Micro-enterprise Training of Trainers {TOT} {Nigerian Edition}

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Lifewind International and Rhealyz Naija Unveils

4 Days 2011 Micro-enterprise Training of Trainers {TOT} {Nigerian Edition}

“Plan Your Future”

Get the Skills to Generate Multiple Streams of Income

Workshop Facilitator: Mr Dayo Obaweya {Development Consultant to various projects in  Africa and the US}


Sustainable Business Ideas

Helping Communities to Fight Poverty

Small Business Big Money

Money Management


Revolving Loan

SAIL Saving Group

Date: Tuesday, August 30th to September 2nd 2011

Venue: CEI conference Center, Behind Bank of Industry {Former NIDB} Alagbaka, Akure

Time: 9am Daily

Subsidized Workshop Fee: N2000 {Including Feeding for 4 days, training materials, certificate and other


Please Note: Space is only available for the the first 30 that registers, for registration contact Ireti or Joel:08037254890

“Micro-Enterprise worked in Ghana, Let it Work in Nigeria”

Signed Rhealyz Naija

The Opportunity !

Many of the very financially poor desire to begin very small micro-businesses (microenterprises) to help provide the very basic needs of their families.  Many have some skills or a business idea, but lack the encouragement, business training and startup funding necessary to get a start and succeed.  Attempts of the financially poor to secure loans to begin a microenterprise (ME) are often refused by their local banks.  This formal financial sector has traditionally considered them a very financially poor risk.  They mistakenly believe the financially poor are unable to save and repay their loans.  Banks also consider their small loans to be too expensive to manage and therefore unprofitable.  As a result, many of the financially poor find no way out of their economic plight.  They find themselves going from one financial crisis to another.  In desperation many turn to moneylenders who charge very high interest (some 10 percent per day!).  In paying these exorbitant rates, the financially poor remain financially poor, passing this burden on to future generations.

The Program Training Target Audience and Objectives for  Micro Enterprises:


o   Revolving Loan or

o   SAIL Savings Group


The ME Trainers (using one of the above training series) will attract, encourage, and train the very financially poor in their community how to evaluate and develop their business idea into a microenterprise.  These financially poor must be:

1.       Economically active (able to handle money and are participating at some level in the local economy)

2.       Have a strong desire to begin their own microenterprise

3.       Possess a business idea and appropriate business character traits

4.       Be willing to agree to and follow the rules, guidelines and constitution of the local CHE ME program.

It is recognized that the above criteria will exclude many needy financially poor.  However, helping this segment of the financially poor (who have the desire, aptitude and a business idea) can be a great beginning by providing successes and models for others to follow.  Further, the  ME program encourages those that benefit from the  program to mentor and encourage other needy people in their community.  In addition, some will eventually be able to offer job opportunities to those that do not meet the above criteria.

Affecting lives in African communities


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