#Childnotbride and #educatethegirlchild – My Submission- straight from my heart- unedited

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

child girl education
Why we can’t keep quiet

This is my submission, the issue on ground is not about any tribe, culture or religion because we have this being practiced one way or the other in different parts of the country. It’s about fighting for the survival of our GIRL who might become own Florence Nightingale ‘Lady with the Lamp’ who led other nurses to save the British army and made nursing a respectable profession, Mother Teresa ‘Mother of selfless service’ who spent her entire life to help the needy, Many Slessor ‘Twin Mother’ who fourth for the survival of our twins, some notable twins in Nigeria would not have been in existence and so on. Providing equal access to proper education and an enabling environment our little girls may become the women that will fix the deadly pot holes in our Nation.

I was just brainstorming and this came to my mind that if we don’t fight this one day we will wake up and hear that any man can have sexual intercourse with any girl once she agrees, this was the shameful and alarming statement a boy made when he raped an under 12 years old girl, saying she consented to the act. Freedom and liberty given sometimes has a lot of consequences, I start imagining families selling their daughters irrespective of their tribe and religion to rich men in order to make some money, and I hope we all know that marriage can be arranged within 15minutes or less.

There are some fundamental issues we need to talk about, but that will be for another day, our ladies need to wake up and reclaim their value in our society what we see in our musical videos today explains it all. Nigeria is bigger than us; let’s build a society of equal access and the ability to see my brother or sister as a NIGERIAN not based on where is coming from or his religion.

“…if we are to make significant progress on meeting these Goals and stay true to the promise the world made to build a better, fairer world for all, there is no time to lose in putting in place the necessary policies and resources needed to achieve these aims.”
— Kemal Dervis

“The Millennium Development Goals are owned by the people.”
— Eveline Herfkens ”

One Nation, One Hope, A Detribalized Nation,
God Bless You,
God Bless Nigeria.

Ireti Adesida
Thinking and acting Development
Rhealyz Naija..we can do it right.
Sign the petition “United Nations: Stop The Nigerian Senate From Making Under-Age Marriage The Law!” on

I am @IretiadesidaE, and I support the ‪#‎ChildNotBride‬ initiative


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