Rhealyz Naija Music and Dance Competition 2013

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GREAT OFFER – Due to Popular Demand and our Social Responsibility effort – THE FORMS ARE NOW FREE –  Hurry now while spaces available 

The forms are Available online via this link {Click the link Below}:


The Rhealyz Naija 2013 Express yourself Music/Dance competition and Social responsibility awards have been rebranded to take a whole new outlook, thus the new theme – “Eclectic ’13”. The Music, Dance and special performance event would be taking place separately from the Social Responsibility awards event.
Eclectic ’13 would feature a music competition, group dance performances, special performances by guest artist and a special interactive talk segment. This year’s event has been carefully designed taking into consideration majorly our target audience, successes, comments and reviews from our previous events.

Positive Force 2012 last year’s 1st , 2nd & 3rd are still enjoying lots of goodies, exposure and life-changing opportunities from us

You too can be a star, You can change your world

“Ëxpress Urself 2013….positively with a message4change”

Competition Breakdown

Music Category
1st prize: 50,000 + other fantastic gifts;
2nd and 3rd runner ups: cash consolation prizes & other awesome prizes
General Goodies
Media/Mentorship exposure
Media and event exposures, studio deal, gifts from our sponsors
Music Category Form: FREE – Due to Popular Demand and our Social Responsibility

Solo Dance Category {Solo Dancers will be formed into a group}
Cash prizes/fantastic gifts for group members
General Goodies
Media/Mentorship exposure
Media and event exposures, video package, gifts from our sponsors
Solo Dance Category Form: FREE – Due to Popular Demand and our Social Responsibility

For forms and other enquiries Please send a mail to letsrealize@gmail.com or text 0803 582 0593 {+234 803 582 0593} | 08063587803 {+234 8063587803} , we will answer immediately. Thanks


Terms and Conditions


To qualify for participation in the Competition and winning the title, all contestants should pass the basic criteria. The rules of engagement;

• All contestants must fill the form for Music {Singing-Solo} and Dance {Solo} respectively

* An SMS must be sent to 07063645195 containing contestant’s full name, category and contact number.

* All contestants must follow the terms and conditions


• Submission Deadline: 8pm, Thursday, December 12th    2013 {A DAY BEFORE AUDITION} BUT submission of forms can the closed earlier if we have exceeded the expected number {The earlier the better}


*Send SMS to 07063645195 or send a mail letsrealize@gmail.com for any submission challenges

.• All forms must be completely filled.

• If your act involves more than one person in dance, it’s acceptable.

• Submission of this form grants the permission of every person in each act, to have his/her/their likeness(es) shown on radio, TV, newspaper or other media associated with reports of this event and/or promotion for future such events.

• Should the event be re-scheduled, contestants will be notified of where and when.

• All decisions of the faculty and judges are final. Contestants must be available for all rehearsals and trainings.

• All acts will be notified ahead of time when they will be competing and any re-adjustment will be communicated.

• If an act is not ready to go when called upon, that act may be removed from the competition.

• Acts are allowed a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 4 minutes for Music and for Dance minimum of 4 minutes and maximum of 6 minutes.

• At every stage contestants will be given songs and sometimes expected to compose their songs with the song content based on any of the following societal issues; Poverty Eradication; Children; Environmental Issues, Unity, Peace, Education; Hunger Eradication, Hard-work, Women empowerment, anti-corruption and a new Nigeria. Contestants can use more than one issue. One of the objectives of the competition is to build a better society. For dance/unique talent, participants will be given the music tracks to rehearse with.

• Every performance must have a clear message and a practical storyline.

• Contestant where necessary will be expected to participate in the sub contests {Auditioning, Pre-final Competitions} in order to qualify for the final, and to win the title.

• For the Auditioning, the contestant will mount on stage to sing without instrumentals, The Judges will listen to your song. Their judgment will be based on this.

• For the Pre-Final Competitions {If Necessary} where some contestants will be dropped, the contestant will mount on stage to sing with the instrument, The Faculty and the Judges will listen to your song. Their judgment will be based on this.

• The competitions organizers reserve the right to any decision or action taken in relationship with any contestant.

• Contestant’s lyrics and action should be free from any obscenity, foul language or any negative character, if such happens the contestants will be disqualified.

• The audience at the event may also have the opportunity to send in their votes.


All enquiries and participation should be sent to letsrealize@gmail.com   or send an SMS to 07063645195. The venue of the audition will be communicated to you via SMS. Please make sure you submit your forms to the collection points.



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